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· AHUT Held the Cultural Science and Innovation Training Camp for Students of Anhui and Taiwan Universities 2021/07/05 
· Students of AHUT Achieved Great Success in Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) 2021/05/10 
· 10 AHUT Scholars Listed among Top 2% World Scientists 2021/04/28 
· Conference of "First Lesson & New Semester" held at School of International Education 2021/03/19 
· The 2020 Provincial Quality Engineering Project Approval of AHUT Hit Another Record High 2021/01/06 

· President Wei Xianwen Attended the Inaugural Meeting of the High-level Industrial Characteristic University Alliance of Yangtze River Delta 2020/12/29 
· AHUT Wins the Gold Medal in iGEM 2020 2020/11/27 
· Opening Ceremony for AHUT 2020 International Students Held 2020/10/16 
· International Students of AHUT Achieved Great Success in “The Second Chinese Classic Recitation Contest”(International students group of Anhui Province) 2020/09/10 
· Online Chinese Hard-pen Calligraphy Competition Held Successfully 2020/06/17 
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