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· Online Chinese Hard-pen Calligraphy Competition Held Successfully 2020/06/17 
· AHUT is Granted by Hanban as One of the HSK Test Centers in China 2020/05/27 
· International Students of AHUT Discuss President Xi’s Reply to Letter from Pakistani Students Studying at USTB 2020/05/26 
· AHUT Obtained the First Authorized International Invention Patent 2020/04/30 
· Partner Universities Support the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work of AHUT 2020/03/24 

· Qing Chengsong Inspect AHUT’s Prevention and Control Work Against Coronavirus 2020/03/19 
· AHUT Established Three Undergraduate Programs of Emerging Engineering Education 2020/03/12 
· School of International Education of AHUT: Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak with International Teachers and Students 2020/03/11 
· Traditional Paper-cutting Successfully Held 2019/12/23 
· AHUT Third International Cultural Festival Successfully Held 2019/12/02 
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