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2017-2018 School Calendar for International Stud​ents of AHUT
International Affairs Office

First Semester( 09/18/2017---01/20/2018)

09/18/2017---09/29/2017,1st year students’ registration and orientation

10/06/2017, Beginning class

11/20/2017---11/24/2017, Mid-term Exam week

01/15/2018---01/19/2018, Final Exam Week

01/20/2018---03/03/2018, Winter vacation

Second Semester( 03/05/2018-----07/14/2018 )

03/04/2018, Student registration

03/05/2018, Beginning class

05/28/2017---06/01/2017, Mid-term Exam week

07/09/2018---07/13/2018, Final Exam Week

07/14/2018---08/31/2018, Summer vacation

Public Holidays:

10/01/2017---10/08/2017, National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival

12/30/2017---01/01/2018, New Year’s Day

02/16/2018, Chinese New Year

04/05/2018---04/07/2018, Tomb-Sweeping Day

04/29/2018---05/01/2018, May Day

06/16/2018---06/18-2018, Dragon Boat Festival

(Note:The free days of public holiday are subject to change.)