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AHUT Established The Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of AHUT)
2022-06-23 09:13  

On June 22,the Western Returned Scholars Association of Anhui University of Technology (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of AHUT) was established and the first membership meeting was held in the conference center of  Jiashan campus. All members of the association attended the meeting.

Lu Lin, Secretary of CPC Party Committee of AHUT, extended warm congratulations on the establishment of the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of AHUT), and expressed sincere thanks to the Ma’anshan Municipal Party Committee, the United Front Work Department, and the Municipal Overseas-educated Scholars Association for their long-term concern and support; and extended sincere greetings to all overseas-educated scholars of AHUT. Lu pointed out that the establishment of the Overseas-educated Scholars Association was to provide a platform of academic exchanging, suggestions offering, talents recommending, and networking for returnees from overseas studies, and also to build a lovely home for them.The Overseas-educated Scholars Association should be confident and innovative, insist on establishing and improving the working system, and keep a close relationship with overseas-educated scholars to understand their aspirations. Furthermore, the Overseas-educated Scholars Association should organize more distinctive and popular activities to make our association more united and enterprising.

Lu Lin requested the relevant departments and the party organizations of AHUT to strengthen coordination and cooperation to enhance the united front work and to have thesense of responsibility to always care about and support the work and growth of the Overseas-educated Scholars Association, as well as play a positive role for all members.

On behalf of Ma’anshan Municipal Party Committee and the United Front Work Department, Liu Fang, Minister of the United Front Work Department, expressedwarm congratulations to the successful convening of the Overseas-educated Scholars Association of AHUT and the newly elected council members. Liu hoped Overseas-educated Scholars Association of AHUT to strength political leadership, serve the country with patriotism, establish the noble ideal of serving the country, shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation and strive to be a witness, participant and contributor to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Huang Yong, member of AHUT Party Committee Standing Committee and director of the Publicity Department (United Front Work), made a report on the Association preparatory work. TheOverseas-educated Scholars Association of AHUT Regulations and Election Measures were approved, and 30 memberswere elected as the first Councilmembers.

Yejianqiang, the executive vice president of Ma'anshan Overseas-educated Scholars Association, delivered a congratulatory speech to the conference. The newly elected president, Zhaozhuo, gave a speech on behalf of the first Council of the Overseas-educated Scholars Association.

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