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International Student Counselor Tells the Story of Anti-epidemic in China With Practical Actions
2022-04-11 14:38  

Facing the severe challenge of epidemic prevention and control, the School of International Education rapidly took action to implement the relevant requirements, so as to ensure the health and safety of international students on campus. Zhang Kanmin, as one of them, went all out and firmly stayed with international students around the clock. He told the story of the anti-epidemic in China to international students with practical actions.

Zhang Kanmin worked on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. On the afternoon of March 16, after settling down his two-year-old child, Zhang Kanmin returned to school without hesitation, and immediately joined the front line of epidemic prevention and control. As a laboratory physician, his wife also worked hard for the epidemic prevention and control. He moved into the dormitory of international students. He said, "To live with them together is the fastest way to respond to their request, and it is also my duty to take care of them well."

On the day of moving into the dormitory, Zhang Kanmin quickly checked out the basic situation of the international students, timely distributed epidemic prevention-related materials, and resolutely took measurements including student daily check-in, daily routine inspection by student cadres and night inspection by counselors, so as to ensure the health of all 87 international students on campus during the epidemic period.

During several rounds of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, international students had to manually fill in the personal information since they could not use the health QR code and ID card. ZhangKanmin always went to the testing site to organize and ensure that all students had done nucleic acid testing.

His greetings reached daily to international students. Zhang Kanmin said "This is like an on-site teaching, but also a behavior demonstration. We should explain the Chinese anti-epidemic spirit of ‘people’s life and health first’, and tell the story of the epidemic prevention and control in China to international students." Zhang Kanmin walked into the dormitory every day to communicate with students, kept abreast of their study and living conditions timely, dealt with students' difficulties and demands, solved problems for students, and relieved students' homesickness.

Some international students were unable to leave the school to withdraw overseas remittances to purchase living materials. Zhang Kanmin organized mutual aid among students and provided temporary financial assistance to students to help them tide over the difficulties. When a student needed emergency medical treatment, Zhang Kanmin immediately appeased the students, accompanied them to the school hospital throughout the process, and did service work such as translation to ensure the health and safety of the student.

His concern was always present. In the past few days, Zhang Kanmin had timely communicated the current situation of the epidemic and the prevention and control requirements to the international students. Every "Noted" reply in the WeChat working group represented a united determination to fight the "epidemic", and every notification in both Chinese and English recorded the united anti-epidemic action, injecting strong spiritual power into the fight against the epidemic.

Considering that international students may have information deviations due to language communication barriers, cultural background differences, and there is a risk of being unable to understand the school's epidemic prevention and control measures, Zhang Kanmin immediately drafted the English version of the "Proposal for Epidemic Prevention and Control to All International Students of AHUT", and made in-depth interpretation in each student dormitory, answered questions and doubts on the spot, ensuring everyone knows, understands, and follows it.

"I hope that the international students can become witnesses, narrators and disseminators of anti-epidemic stories in China after they have personally experienced the anti-epidemic process." Zhang Kanmin said. The international students expressed "The teacher lives with us, which makes us feel safe, and we believe that we will be able to overcome the epidemic!"

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