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Vice President Visited Foreign Teachers and International Students of AHUT
2022-02-01 09:34  

On the afternoon of January 20, Gu Mingyan, vice president of AHUT, visited the foreign teachers and international students who were on campus and sent them warm care and New Year's blessings on behalf of AHUT.

Gu Mingyan visited Professor Song Guangsheng, the representative of foreign teachers of AHUT in his apartment, and enquired after him about work and life in detail. Gu also extended her gratitude to foreign teachers for their hard work, sense of responsibility, the successful completion of various teaching and scientific research tasks, and positive contributions to the improvement of the international education level of AHUT. Lastly, Gu sent her best wishes to them for good health and success in their work in the new year.

On the sixth floor of Jiaonan Building, Gu Mingyan participated in cultural experience activities, including writing Chinese calligraphy, writing Spring Festival couplets, and paper-cutting. Gu Mingyan fully affirmed the international students' understanding and support for the normalized epidemic prevention and control work of AHUT, and urged them to continue to do personal protection during the winter vacation, arrange time reasonably, and keep learning. Gu also instructed international students to write the Chinese character“福”, and explained the Chinese New Year customs and the beautiful meanings contained in the Spring Festival couplets to international students. The international students posted their own“福” and Spring Festival couplets on the door of their dormitory to welcome the coming of the Year of the Tiger.

Thisculturalactivity provided an opportunity for international students to feel the profoundness of Chinese calligraphy and the inherent charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture, which enhanced their sense of Chinese cultural identity. International students said that they were so touched by the concern of AHUT leaders and teachers and felt a strong Chinese New Year's taste. They expressed their desire to learn the Chinese language and culture well to become the cultural ambassador between China and their country.

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