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Students of AHUT Achieved Great Success in the 2022 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
2022-05-17 08:46  

The results of the 2022 Mathematical Contest in Modeling / Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) were announced. 33 teams of AHUT participated in the competition and achieved great success with 1 Finalist, 2 Meritorious Winners, and 8 Honorable Mentions.

Under the guidance of Luo Dongmei, the team including Ma Liangying, Shen Siyuan and Wang Ning from the College of Mathematical Science and Engineering won the Finalist. Under the guidance of Yang Hui, the team composed of Zhu Dong, Qiao Li and Miao Dong and under the guidance of Liu Yulin, the team composed of Zhang Yafen, Li Jiaying and Xiong Siwei are the Meritorious Winners.

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling is sponsored by COMAP(the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application) and is the most influential international mathematical modeling competition in the world. The competition takes three college students as a group to complete all the tasks from model building, solving, verification, and thesis writing on the specified problem within the specified time, and comprehensively examine the students' basic mathematics skills, computer programming ability, and English paper writing ability. and the ability to research problems and solutions. Since 1985, the MCM/ICM has been held 38 times. In 2022, 27205 teams from 15,105 universities in 22 countries and regions participated.

AHUT attached great importance to MCM/ICM and overcame the impact of the pandemic, formulated competition plans, and carried out the training, teacher allocation and other aspects. The School of Mathematical Science and Engineering carefully organized the training and instructors stuck to their posts during the winter vacation and used online platforms to carry out competition guidance for students. All participating teams worked together, worked hard, and successfully completed the task of the competition.

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