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International Students of AHUT Achieved Great Success in “The Third Chinese Classic Recitation Contest”(International students group of Anhui Province)
2021-10-09 15:55  

According to the notice of the Ministry of Education of Anhui province, THUSI THAMSANQA, an international student majoring in civil engineering from the class of 2018, won the 2nd prize in “The Third Chinese Classic Recitation Contest" (International students group of Anhui Province) with his recitation of "In a Hurry" (instructors: He Xue and Xia Jin Yuan) and was successfully nominated to the national level competitions. In addition, AHUT won the Award of Excellent Organization.

The Third Chinese Classic Recitation Contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, State Language Commission, aiming to encourage people to read ancient Chinese classics and spread the Chinese spirit. It focuses on revealing the charm of the Chinese language and culture and showing the spirit of fighting against the pandemic. The competition is divided into six groups: primary school students group, middle school students group (including junior high school, senior high school and secondary vocational students), college students group (including graduate students), international students group, teachers group and social personnel group.

This is the second time that AHUT has won this award since our first participation last year, which demonstrates the quality and level of Chinese language teaching of AHUT for international students, reflecting our international students' identification with Chinese culture and contributes to further telling the Chinese story.

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