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School of International Education of AHUT: Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak with International Teachers and Students
2020-03-11 09:41  

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the Foreign Affairs Office (School of International Education) of AHUT has studied and implemented the important speech and instruction spirit of the general secretary, Xi Jinping, on the prevention and control of the disease. SIE has also implemented the important instruction of AHUT on preventing and controlling the epidemic among international teachers and students. By the time of March 10, no international students or teachers who stay at AHUT have been infected.

Leaders of AHUT have paid great concern to the prevention and control of the disease among international students and experts since the start of   the response of highest level to the public health emergency. Chairman of the University Council, Liu Xinyue, President Wei Xianwen, Vice President Gu Mingyan, liu Ming, and other leaders have repeatedly put forward epidemic prevention and control work guidelines and requirements of   international students and experts. Teachers of SIE take the epidemic prevention and control work of foreign teachers and students as the biggest   political responsibility and have volunteered to take the responsibility to be on duty on shift, securing the health of all international teachers and st-udents who stay on campus, and creating a good international influence.

Based on the specific control and prevention requirements, SIE has had department meetings to formulate the prevention and control work plan with detailed division, including the establishment of epidemic emergency working group, service security group, education group, students working group and experts’ service group. What is more, the epidemic prevention and control network system has also been set up to strictly implement   the responsibility system for the epidemic prevention and control work. SIE has also set up a joint working mechanism with the provincial department of education and the municipal foreign affairs office, thoroughly sorted out the specific information of all international teachers and students,  formulated the day and night shift of duty in international students' apartment, entry and exit registration rules, and report rules of the international students' apartment, etc., Over the past days, the staff on duty have been standing by the frontline of epidemic preven-tion and control, keepin-g  a clear record of the entry and exit of every international student, accurately keeping eyes on the movement of all international students in orde-r to ensure the health and safety of more than 100 international teachers and students stay on campus.

SIE strengthened psychological counseling serviceson the base of grasping the students’ information to deal with the complexsituation of the wint-er holiday, in which a large number of internationalstudents and teachers chose to stay on campus. To better apply the psychological counseling an-d guidance, staff of SIE keep on duty in thestudents’ apartment to stabilize the panic psychology among internationalstudents. Besides, the English version of the Notice of the Prevention of and Control of the Novel Coronavirus of AHUT, the Notice of the Quarantine and the bilingual edition of the Public Prevention Tips of the New CoronavirusInfection have all been issued to educate and urge all international students to follow the in-structions.

The psychological counseling and emotionalconsolation for international students has eliminated the panic of international students and students in quarantine service. SIE responds to theconcerns of some parents of international students about the situation of theepidemic and safeguard measures adopted by the school, winning the general understanding and praise of both international students and their parents. Atpresent, all international  teachers and students are psychologically stable and cooperative. Teachers and all students complimented that the measures taken byAHUT an-d   the government are practical and effective, and they believe that theChinese government and AHUT will surely defeat the epidemic.

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