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Qing Chengsong Inspect AHUT’s Prevention and Control Work Against Coronavirus
2020-03-19 14:51  

In order to further implement the deployment of the prevention and control work against Coronavirus made by theAnhui province committee, Anhui Provincial People's Government and the Ministryof Education of Anhui province, and to advance the prevention and controlwork of the education system of Anhui province, on February 19, Qing Chengsong,deputy secretary of the Education Committee of Anhui province committee, cameto AHUT to inspect the prevention and control of the epidemic and online studying, accompanied by Qi Jianping, director of financial sector of education department of Anhui province, Liu Xinyue, Chairman of University Council, WeiXianwen, president of AHUT and heads of education department of Maanshan,President’s Office,Logistics Department, Security Department, and School of International Education of AHUT.

Qing Chengsong focused primarily on the management of key areas such as the gate of Xiushan campus and the dormitory of international students.He learned about the implementation of the work of personnel entry and exit registration, temperature measurement, the managementof dormitory for students staying on campus, and logistics support. He alsoasked the specific measures of the epidemic prevention and control work and theonline learning of the AHUT. Liu Xinyue reported to the inspection team about the overall situation of the epidemic prevention and control work and the online learning arrangement, including the organization and leadership ofepidemic prevention and control group, working mechanism, on-duty rotation,publicity and guidance, thorough search, information reporting, mental health,sanitation and epidemic prevention, and material reserve of AHUT. He also reported the difficulties of AHUT in reserving epidemic prevention and control materials. Wei Xianwen reported the measures of the online learning and introduced the specific situation of the first and second day of onlineteaching.

The prevention and control work of theepidemic in the early stage of AHUT has won high praise from Qing, who believes that the school leaders of AHUT has been attaching great importance to the work, the prevention and control measures are solid and effective, and the online learning are prompt and stable. He pointed out that in this special time,AHUT should further improve the political stance, do a better job of bothepidemic prevention and control based on the current situation and to coordinate overall online learning activities. What is more, he said, AHUT should take the responsibility to depend against the virus and have the strong confidence in fighting against this war to secure the safety and health of althe teachers and students of AHUT.

It has been reported that since the outbreak of the coronavirus, AHUT has strictly implemented the prevention andcontrol measures and requirements of Anhui province and Maanshan. There is nosuspicious or confirmed case of students or teachers of AHUT. Leaders, staff of the prevention and control office and heads of departments of AHUT are all on duty at school.Other staff and teachers work from home and teach online.The firstbatch of online courses has been started on the 17th February and there are in all 227 courses have been offered online, with 188 teachers participating in the online teaching and more than 17,000 students attending the online courses.On the 18th of February, 295 courses have been offered, with 240 teachers and 24164 students participating online. The work of online learning has been stable and effective.

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