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Notice for the coming semester
2021-02-15 16:08  

 To all students,

      The new semester begins from next Monday (Feb. 21). Here is some information needing your close attention.

1. Finish teaching evaluation first to ensure you can see your results .(search for information sent in this group before if u forgot how to do it)

2. Check all your results.

3. About those courses that you failed during your second/fourth/sixth semester and you failed in make-up exams , you should retake them this September. Make a list of the courses you have to retake this September in advance. I will inform you next week in this group of how to apply for courss retake.

4. About the courses that you failed last semeseter(2021 fall), be prepared for the make-up exam that will be given within the first two weeks and keep contact with your course teachers for the make-up exam arrangement.

5. Timetables for the coming semester will be sent in the group tomorrow.

        Be prepared and wish you better harvest in the new semester.

School of International Education

Anhui University of Technology