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Notice of AHUT about Preventing and Controlling the COVID-19(Ⅳ)
2020-04-20 20:13  

To all international students,

As we all know, Coronavirus-19 is still dramaticallyspreading in the world. It is also known that the Chinese government and people take every measure to protect everyone in China and help other nations with our medical stuff and teams. For almost three months, staff of our university have been fighting and preventing any risks of the virus influences on our students and teachers. SIE teachers still take every day and night duty shift to stay with our international students on the campus. We, including our international student volunteers, have made tremendous efforts and have done very well to control and secure everyone’s health on the campus.

However, we have also noticed that some rumors have been fabricated by politicians in other countries to attack the Chinese government and people’s efforts, aiming to cover their failure to control the virus in their own countries or with other political purposes. Any behaviors to spread those rumors are ridiculous, unacceptable and are regarded to help attack the Chinese government and people on purpose. Any student involved in those behaviors will be seriously considered as student with misbehavior and will have to bear any possible consequences including cancellation of study positions. If you have any questions or doubts, you are welcome to discuss with your teachers and we’d love to help you make it clear what is really true and what is wrong.

The world is a big family and we look forward to join in hands with other nations to fight against the virus always. Let’s take actions and wait for the sunny day coming back.

School of International Education

April 20, 2020