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Notice of AHUT about Preventing and Controlling the COVID-19(III)
2020-04-14 10:09  

To all international students and foreign experts,

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Chinese government and people have demonstrated theirc ourage, determination and dedication to prevent the spread of the virus and save those who have been infected. Up to now, the general situation in Chinahas been controlled successfully due to huge sacrifices and tremendous efforts from all people involved and great support from other countries.

Anhui University of Technology always lays greatest importance to the safety of our staff and students. For more than two months, relevant departments including security and logistics have been taking effective measures to protect our staff and students staying on the campus. Every staff of School of International Education sacrifices their holiday and strongly stands with our international students by taking day and night shifts in the dormitory buildings to watch over your health. Moreover, we keep close eyes on your online learning activities to ensure successful learning experiences in such a special period. Every teacher promises to make their every effort to serve your increase of knowledge and wisdom.

However, the COVID-19 has not died away yet. New cases still arise somewhere in China. More terribly, updated till April 14, a total of 1,936,695 cases with 120,567 deaths were reported worldwide. We are experiencing a hard time no one has experienced before. We should always keep alert to the horrible epidemic wandering aroundus.

To maintain health and protect ourselves from being infected, you are encouraged to:

1. Stay on the campus to keep yourself away from any potential risks outside;

2. Develop a good life habit to maintain your health;

3. Wear your masks when you leave the dorm;

4. Wash your hands frequently;

5. Keep tidy your dormitory rooms and public places (e.g. kitchen);

6. Go for immediate medical treatment if you don’t feel yourself;

7. Keep in touch with your families to report yoursituation and tell them how to protect themselves;

8. Consult with your advisors if you have any unsolved confusion;

9. Focus on your online learning to demonstrate your learning capability and increase your knowledge.

Let’s salute to those who are protecting us.

Let’s promise we will never waste the opportunities offered by those who are fighting, even with the cost of their lives.

Let’s hold tight to our deepest hope, join in hands more closely and unite as one to fight against the virus. Our day is coming on its way.

School of International Education

April 14, 2020