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Notice of AHUT about Preventing and Controlling the COVID-19(I)
2020-01-27 15:42  

Dear students,

In light of the seriousness of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia spreading all over China, we are trying everyeffort to prevent the virus from affecting each member of our international students including you. Your 14-day medical observation under isolation from other students is an effective measure to ensure the public security and your safety as well. Full cooperation is reflection of your taking responsibility that everyone must shoulder during this special period.In this vein, the following rules should be strictly abided by:

1. During the 14 days, youare not allowed to step out of the designated room without permission from the office.

2. Take your temperature at 9 am and 9 PM every day and report it in the group.

3.Request the help from your friends to buy food, water and other necessary daily articles for you. To protect your friends, you are not supposed to have face-to-face conversation. Everything you need should be left out of the door.

4. 30 yuan subsidy per day will be given to you. Any costs during this medical observation period will be on your own side.

5. Read carefully the Notice of Anhui University of Technology about Preventing and Controlling the Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia. For any symptoms of fever,dry cough, fatigue, chest tightness of unknown cause and other symptoms of acute respiratory tractinfection, you should immediately report to lbrahima or your advisor for medical aid.

Hope for your understanding and full cooperation.

School of International Education

Anhui University of Technology

January 27, 2020