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Students of AHUT Won The Third Place In The Simulation 2D Group Competition Of 2022RoboCup
2022-07-18 09:52  

From 13thto 17thJuly , the 2022RoboCup was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Under the guidance of Mr. Cheng Zekai from the School of Computer Science of AHUT, the Yushan robot football teammade up of Ren Yahui, Tang Yaokun, Lu Yirong and other students participated in the simulation 2D group competition online. Yu Shan team overcame difficulties, unafraid of strong competitors and fought hard to win theThird Place. The Helios team of Okayama University of Science/ Osaka PublicUniversity in Japan and the Cyrus team of Dalhousie University in Canada won the championship and runner-up respectively.

RoboCup is a professional robot competition with great influence, high comprehensive technology and a wide range of participation in the field of robot competition. Its purpose is to provide aniconic and challenging topic for the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent robotics disciplines through robot football competition, and provide a dynamic and confrontational standardized environment for research in related fields. The competition attracted more than 400 teams and 3000 students from 45 countries.

For preparingthis competition, Yu Shan team carried out algorithm upgrading and transformation on the basis of the experience accumulated by fresh and previous players, discussed and analyzed thecompetitors' loopholes, summarized and formulated further strategy. Yushan team won 9 wins and 3 draws, and entered the top six with the fifth ranking in the group in the preliminary knockout rounds. Yu Shan team ranked fourth with 4 wins and 1 draw in the six round robin,and finally won the third place with tough competitionin the final stage . Yushan team has won the right to participate in the RoboCup finals for eight consecutive times, and they have entered the top eight in the world every time. They have won the third place for three times, the fourth place foronetime, the sixth place for three times, and the seventh place for one time.