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Traditional Paper-cutting Successfully Held
2019-12-23 11:12  

Inorder to encourage overseas students to learn Chinese, to understand the artistic charm of Chinese characters and to experience the extensive andprofound Chinese traditional culture, on the evening of December 20, apaper-cutting activity for international students was successfully held in Jiaonan 605.

During the activity, both international and Chinese students learned the paper cutting skills and experienced the traditional Chinese folk culture. At the beginningof the activity, all the students watched a paper-cutting video together, afterwhich, Chinese teachers enthusiastically and attentively introduced the origin of the paper-cutting and showed the folding and cutting step by step, guiding students with great patience. All of the overseas students showed great interests in paper cutting, and some of them even asked the teacher for advicewith every detail. After successfully making their own paper-cut with Chinese characteristics, such as "囍" and "春", they proudly displayed their works with their friends. All the students enjoyeda beautiful night with abundant Chinese culture. In the end, a group photo has been taken to record this wonderful moment. This activity is one of the main cultural activities aiming to increase the friendship between Chinese and international students and welcome the coming new year.



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