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Chinese Corner Held with Doctor from the University Hospital of AHUT
2019-06-25 11:17  

On the afternoon of June 17, 2019, the Chinese Corner participants were very happy to meet a doctor from the university hospital of AHUT at Jiaonan 603, the 1st teaching building on Xiushan Campus.

As a regular after-class activity, the Chinese Corneris held every Monday afternoon with a topic to improve the international students’ Chinese language proficiency. This time,to help the international students get familiar with expressions in communicating with doctors in hospitals, the student organizers from the AHUT International Students’ Learning Club, chose ”Conversation at Chinese Hospital”as the topic. Around 40 international students attended this event. Many Chinese students also volunteered to help international students to get an intense idea.

For an in-depth understanding of the topic, Dr. Peng from the AHUT hospital Dr. Peng emphasized the importanceof maintaining healthy conditionsin daily life. After that, each group of international students started discussion and practice of the related expressions in Chinese with the help from a Chinese student. Then, two international students from each group maderole-play, one as a doctor and the other as the patient to make dialogues related what they learned during the group discussion. The atmosphere at the venue was amiable and lively, and each student was eager to represent his/her group.At the end ofthe activity, the international students sang a Chinese song, and finally, a group photowas takento draw an ending to this event.After one hour of learning and practicing with group discussion, international students have obtained a better understanding of how to describe their symptoms when someone gets sick.


Feedbacks from international students participants:

“ I think this activity is excellent and I hope we see more events like this in the future.”

“ I think it’s a good way to learn about how we can communicate using Chinese in daily life with the help of Chinese volunteers in this club.”

“ Through thisclub, I learned a lot of things and hope to learn more in the future.”


The initiative of the Chinese club is to develop a friendly environment for international students to improve their Chinese language proficiency.Being fun and useful, the Chinese Corner has soon become popular among both international students and Chinese students. Many international students applied for this activity. This Chinese Corner is a FREE weekly gathering activity in an amiable and lively venue for studying Chinese and having conversations experience with Chinese native speakers. Participants also have other fun activities like: play word games, watch Chinese movies, learn about Chinese food, etc. The program is open to everyone with passion for learning about Chinese language and culture. The aim of the Chinese Corner is to help all the international students to unlock their potential through life skill developments, to overcome their fear while talking to a native Chinese speaker and providethem with the keys to a better future.

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