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International Students of AHUT Participated in the 9th Anhui Cultural Tour
2018-04-28 09:36 School of International Education 

From April 13 to 15, international students of AHUT went to Wuhu to participate in the 9th Anhui Cultural Tour with “Mountains, Waters and Culture of Anhui” as the theme.

Our students, together with nearly 140 international students from other universities in Anhui, visited Jiuzi Ancient Town of Wuhu first where they were amazed by Chinese ancient architecture. Later the students went to Liulang Flower Park and Muzha Oil Mill where they were shown the traditional way of making oil and the equipment used.The second day witnessed their trip in Ya Shan Huahai Stone Forest Scenic Area and Maren Qi Feng Peak. And the visit toTongling Yongquan Tourism and Holiday Park in the last day also surprised the students with the fabulous scenery.

The activity was hosted by Anhui Association of International Education Management, and was intended to provide international students with more opportunities to experience Anhui Culture and to broaden their horizons. Furthermore, the activity promoted the cultural exchanges among different cultures while enhancing the friendships among international students in Anhui and enriching their extracurricular activities.

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