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AHUT Wins the Gold Medal in iGEM 2020
2020-11-27 08:48  

On November 23rd, the final of 2020 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) was held online. The project“Carbon Dioxide Capture 3.0” ofAHUT-ZJU-China from Anhui University of Technology stood out from 256 teams from 44 countries and regions globally and finally won the gold medal.

AHUT attached great importance to iGEM. AHUT-ZJU-China team was guided by Xu Xiangrong, Ma Liang, Xu hao, Liu Zi, Cao Ruilan, Xu Xia, She HuiLi and Tao tao. Student members of the team are Zhu Yifan, Li Jiajun, Deng Yajie, Sun Qicheng, Chen Yu, Tan Pengcheng, Wang Kaiyu, Jiangfeng, Hu Jingxian, Jiang Yu, Sun Yuxi, Chen Rongmei, Huang Feiyu, Xie Yuexin, Ju Zehao, Huang Yexian and Xu Rui.

Aiming at the international forefront research subject "carbon-dioxide capture", AHUT-ZJU-China chose thermophiles carbonic anhydrase as the research object. Based on the research platform ofBiochemical Engineering Research Center, BERC-AHUTand the support fromtheiGEM team of Zhejiang University, a highly active and thermal stable carbonic anhydrase has been obtained by using the methods of molecular simulation.

After more than 300 days of intense preparation, the team completed all parts required, including literature research, project experimental design, data analysis, model construction, social practice, website production, poster display, project promotion video, project speech video and online defense in accordance with the requirements of the competition. After further research and development, the carbonic anhydrase is expected to be used in industrial production in terms of large-scale carbon dioxide capture and reduce the harm of the greenhouse effect.

                                    Screenshot of the gold medal winners at the iGEM Awards Ceremony

iGEM was founded in 2003, sponsored by MIT, is the world's top science and technology competition in the field of synthetic biology, which has attracted extensive attention from internationally renowned universities and research institutions. It has been reported by authoritative journals such asNatureandSciencemany times.

iGEM provides students with an opportunity to enrich academic knowledge, improve comprehensive capability, and broaden international vision. It also builds an international stage for students to communicate and compete with the world's best professors and students.

Peking University, Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Waseda University, The University of Edinburgh, and the University of Waterloo are also won the gold medal.