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Earthquake Drill Held in AHUT
2018-05-18 09:07 School of International Education 

On May 12th, AHUT held an earthquake drill in Xiushan Campus to stress to the students what to do when a real earthquake strikes. Over 200 domestic and international students took part in the drill. The staff from the Security Department, Department of Students Affairs, Logistics Department and School of International Education organized the activity and instructed the students on the scene.

The drill began at 14:40 when the earthquake alarm rang. As been instructed, students searched for the safe cover nearby, protected their heads with one of theirhands and soft clothes, held the fixed objects with the other hand and bent themselves to keep their body low to wait for the evacuation.

At 14:42, the evacuation alarm rang. The students went out of the dormitory buildings from higher floors to lower floors. They bent over with hands above their heads and proceeded to the safe area along the designated route in order. All the participating students reached the safe area within 3 minutes.