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ESI: Chemistry of AHUT Enters World’s Top 1%
2017-09-20 09:27 International Affairs Office 

According to the latest update from America Thomson Reuters, chemistry discipline of AHUT is ranked amongst the top one percent of EssentialScience Indicators (ESI).

Since 2007, the 644 papers delivered by chemistry faculty of AHUT have been quoted 6239 times altogether, 9.69 times on average and three of which have been quoted highly frequently. Prior to chemistry, other two disciplines of engineering and material science of AHUT have also entered the top one percent of ESI.

ESI, the basic analysis evaluating tool, was produced by world-famous academic information publishing organization in 2001 to measure scientific research performance and follow the tracks of scientific development trend. It has become one of the crucial evaluation quota tools universally used for evaluating international academic level and influence of universities and academic institutions from different countries or regions.