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AHUT Obtained the First Authorized International Invention Patent
2020-04-30 14:11  

Recently, the international invention patent applied by professor Long Hongming from the School of Metallurgical Engineering of AHUT has been authorized by the European Patent Office. This is the first internationally authorized invention patent AHUT has ever obtained. This achievement relies on the scientific research platform of AHUT and has a complete independent intellectual property right.

Professor Long Hongming’s team has been committed to the development and application of the technology of emission reduction of industrial flue gas for many years, and has carried out a lot of innovative research work. According to the characteristics of the reduction of industrial flue gas terminal emission, the patent developed a catalyst for synergistic and efficient emission reduction of dioxins and NOx in flue gas, and formed a relatively complete flue gas treatment technology route by combining with the additive based emission reduction technology in sintering process developed by the team.

At present, the patented catalyst has been developed and tested in the laboratory, and is being applied in the treatment of sintered flue gas in iron and steel enterprises. It is reported that the process emission reduction technology based on additives has been applied in some iron and steel enterprises in Hebei and Henan province, helping them achieve ultra-low emission of sintered flue gas pollutants.

AHUT has been attached great importance to the work of intellectual property and will further strengthen the creation, application and management of high-value patents; strengthen the layout of intellectual property in strategic emerging industries and related industries in major national economic fields, enhance the application of international patents, and promote the process of internationalization of patents of AHUT.