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Notice on Application for Deferring Exam in 2017 Fall
2017-12-06 11:32 School of International Education 

To all students,

1.Those who need to defer exam must get approval of the course teacher and the office of SIE by submitting application to them before the date of the exam. The final appraisal and course study assessment result will be recorded as “deferred” and not counted in the calculation of grade point.

2. Successful applicants are to attend the deferred exam arranged at the beginning of the following semester.

3. The course score of the deferred ones is composed of the daily performance score and the deferred exam score, with each accounting for 50%, and is counted in the calculation of grade point. The daily performance score given by the course instructor of the prescribed semester is taken into account.

附件【Application Form for Deferring Exam.doc已下载