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International Students of AHUT Achieved Great Success in “The Second Chinese Classic Recitation Contest”(International students group of Anhui Province)
2020-09-10 10:29  

According to the notice of the Ministry of Education of Anhui province, three pieces of works submitted by AHUT won the 1st prize and 2nd prizes in“The Second Chinese Classic Recitation Contest" (International students group of Anhui Province). The group recited "Anti-pandemic–Thank You, Every Ordinary Chinese "(tutor: Hu Shangui) won the 1st prize,two individuals recited" To the Oak Tree "(tutor: He Xue) and" Snow—to the tune of Qin Yuan Chun "(tutor: Xia Jinyuan) won the second prize respectively. The three pieces of works were all successfully nominated to the national level competitions. In addition, AHUT won the Award of Excellent Organization.

The Second Chinese Classic Recitation Contest is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, State Language Commission, aiming to encourage people to read ancient Chinese classics and spread the Chinese spirit. It focuses revealing the charm of Chinese language and culture and showing the spirit of fighting against the pandemic. The competition is divided into six groups: primary school students group, middle school students group (including junior high school, senior high school and secondary vocational students), college students group (including graduate students), international students group, teachers group and social personnel group.

Standing out in Anhui province, these three pieces of works have fully demonstrated high quality of international students' education and learning of AHUT. The achievements represent AHUT international students’high identification and heartfelt love for the excellent traditional Chinese culture, which has fulfilled the purpose of promoting learning and educating students by means of competitions.