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AHUT Wins Silver Medal in iGEM 2018
2018-11-10 14:15 International Affairs Office 

The final of 2018 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition organized by MIT was successfully held from Oct. 24th to 28th in Boston, the US. This year, 340 teams participated, coming from more than 40 countries and regions including China, the US, Canada, Germany, the UK and France. After intense competition, AHUT-CHINA Team won the silver medal of the final (iGEM 2018 Results available at http://2018.igem.org/Main_Page).

AHUT-CHINA’s iGEM project, titled as “Carbon dioxide purifier”, used molecular simulation technology to design a high-efficiency and stable carbonic anhydrase by improving its catalytic properties and biological stability for CO2 capture. With remarkable project performance, Team AHUT-CHINA won the silver medal of the final. Silver medal winners of this year’s competition also included Yale University, Stanford University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Chicago, Boston University, Kyoto University, and University of Toronto.

The iGEM competition is an annual, worldwide, synthetic biology event aimed at undergraduate university students, as well as high school and graduate students. Multidisciplinary teams work inside and outside the lab to build genetically engineered systems using standard biological parts called BioBricks, creating sophisticated projects that strive to create a positive contribution to their communities and the world.