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English-taught Programs
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English-taught Programs

3 English-taught Programs

3.1 Bachelor-degree Programs

² International TradeBusiness

²  Software Engineering

²  Electrical Engineering

²  Civil Engineering

²  Pharmaceutical Engineering

1 International TradeBusiness

ProgramIntroduction: This program aims at thecultivation of advancedspecialized and interdisciplinary talents for business ventures.Graduates will be acquainted with knowledge of the prevailing rules, practices andrelated policies and regulations of international trade, the development statusof international economic and China’s modern economy, with good professionalethics.

Key Courses:Economics,World Economy, Consumer Behavior, Principles of International Trade,International Marketing, China's foreign trade, E-commerce, WTO rules etc..

2 SoftwareEngineering

ProgramIntroduction: The Software Engineeringprogram is designed to develop senior software engineers with solid knowledgefoundation of computer science and software engineering to serve enterprisesand public sectors.

KeyCourses: C++Programming Design, Compiler Principle, Computer Networks, Object-orientedModeling, Database System, Java Programming Language, Software Architectureetc.

3 ElectricalEngineering

ProgramIntroduction: Electrical Engineering (EE) educates students in electrical engineering,control, information, electronics, computer technology and giving studentsgreat opportunity to grasp the basic theories and related knowledge inengineering, economics, and management science.

KeyCourses: ElectricCircuits, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signals and Systems, Linearcontrol systems, Electricity and Magnetism, Electric Machines, Power SystemAnalysis, Power Electronics etc..

4 Civil Engineering

ProgramIntroduction: The program is designed to cultivate students who can be equipped withthe knowledge system required by the practicing qualifications such asstructure, geotechnical and equipment engineer, construction engineer,supervising engineer, cost engineer and engineering test evaluator and canengage in the work related to the relevant majors of Architecture and CivilEngineering such as design, construction, test, operation and management.

KeyCourses: StructuralMechanics, Civil Engineering Material, Engineering Surveying, BuildingConstruction, Structural Design of Multiple-story and High-rise Buildings,Civil Construction and Organization Management, Engineering Cost, EarthquakeResistance of Engineering Structures.

5 PharmaceuticalEngineering

ProgramIntroduction: Pharmaceutical Engineering program is designed to educate high-levelengineers with professional knowledge of designing and manufacturing ofproducts, processes and components in the pharmaceuticals industry as well aswith knowledge of management science.

Key Courses: medicinal chemistry, analyticalchemistry, pharmacology, pharmacy, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering,Medicinal analysis, Pharmaceutical technology etc.

3.2 Master-degree Programs

²  International TradeBusiness

²  Master of Professional Accounting

1 International Trade(Business)

ProgramIntroduction: This program aims at thecultivation of high-level professional talents for business ventures andbusiness research with good mastering of knowledge and practical skills about economicsand international trade. Graduates will be acquainted with knowledge of development statusof international economic and of China’s modern economy and have a goodknowledge structure and independent working ability.

Key Courses: Principles of Management, Economics, InternationalMarketing, International Economics, China's foreign trade, World Economy,International Finance, Practice of International Trade etc.

2 Master ofProfessional Accounting

ProgramIntroduction: Accounting is a key discipline inAnhui Province. The research field includes capital operation and financialmanagement (CFO), management accountant (CMA), and audit assurance andmanagement consulting (CPA). The program aims at to cultivate advancedprofessional accounting talents with the ability of strongly discovering,analyzing and solving problem.

KeyCourses: AccountingResearch Method, Accounting Theory, Financial Accounting Theory and Practice, FinancialManagement Theory and Practice, Managerial Accounting Theory and Practice, AuditingTheory and Practice

3.3 Doctor–degree Programs


²  Metallurgical Engineering


²  Materials Science and Engineering


*         Physical Chemistry of Metallurgy


*         Ferrous Metallurgy


*         Non-ferrous Metallurgy


*         Materials Physics and Chemistry


*         Materials Science


*         Materials Processing Engineering


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